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Manchurian Local Overprints 1945 - 1947

Japanese Kerr 173.


Other Names
Santaga San Cha Ho Sanchahe Sān ch h  

三 岔 河



  Tsai Chia Kuo  
  Map of 1945   Sanchaho (Map)  
  This is a set of 18 stamps (excluding the booklet panes). The four characters read 中國郵政 Chinese Post. Note the impressive large black chop. Chan lists it as one of the private overprints made by dealers. An interesting note - these booklet panes still have the thin paper backing attached.  

    1Y on 1f 1Y on 2f 1Y on 2f   
  1Y on 3f 1Y on 5f 1Y on 6f   
  1Y on 12f 5Y on 1f 5Y on 2f  
  5Y on 12f    5Y on 13f 5Y on 20f  
    5Y on 1Y



A similar overprint in mauve, this time with surcharges in four characters underneath (value then temporarily made).

All of the stamps known for this town are shown above.


These stamps have been identified by using Volume II of the Stamp Catalogue of China by Shui-Hon Chan and the four booklet guide The Local Overprinted Stamps of Manchuria 1945-7 by Allen D Kerr (published 1978 and now out of print). Both works are essential for anyone delving seriously into this subject.