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December 1934 - Manchoukuo Government Gazette No.72


New Years Mail - Special Instructions

In 1934 it was decided to introduce special instructions for the handling of mail containing New Year's greetings. These instructions were contained in the Manchukuo Government Gazette No.72, shown below.

Chinese Version  (See Japanese version below for translation)

Manchoukuo Government Gazette No.72 Japanese Translation
December 3, First Year of Tatung, Saturday
Ministry Order
Ministry of Communications Regulation #9 (Ministry Postal Articles No. 72)
Official announcement of New Years Postal Matter Special Regulations
December 2, First Year of Tatung
                                                                                    Minister of Communications, Ting Chien-hsu
New Years Postal Matter Special Regulations
Article 1  Special handling of New Years postal articles is set forth in this regulation.
Article 2  Special handling of New Years postal articles is limited to the paid items of regular mail listed below.
1.  Letters
2.  Post cards
3.  Printed matter
Article 3  Each year the receiving period for special handling of New Years postal articles is from December 20 to 30.  However, in areas where communication is inconvenient the receiving period will be moved up.
Article 4  The New Years postal articles received together for special handling [ 賀年郵件 c: hnin yujin ] must be stated when submitted to the post office however, for small amounts, you must insert in an envelope and state on the outside [ 賀年郵件 hnin yujin ] and place in square or round mail box [1].
Article 5  New Years postal articles sent according to this regulation will be considered for receipt commencing with the first delivery on January 1 of the following year
Articles described in the preceding paragraph will be cancelled with the date of delivery

[1]  Uses Chinese terms 信箱 xnxiāng (square) mailbox, 信筒, and xntǒng (round) mailbox / postbox
   The scan of the Gazette has been supplied by Mr Hiromasa Iitsuka with translation by Mr Richard Arent.